Devices. Connections. This Christmas

We love Christmas – like you. We believe in miracles but in recent years we started believing that special spirit and happiness sometimes are linked to the Internet of Things. When your loved ones are far away in another country you just click on their names and get in touch. That’s magic at the right time.
IIoT is happening not only between people & things but between people & people, things & things.
As Mark Hunter said – it is really not about having the right opportunities but handling opportunities the right way and that’s when technology comes in.
We all want to listen to our favorite music, chatting with friends, checking faster the last tasks at work and enjoying life while a voice in the underground says you should get off the subway on your stop.
The “smart” houses and cities are here and they are just fine. We need to work more on “smart” business – automation, different functions, modules, notifications, security. Santa knows business needs more presents like this.
But the more we live, the more we want to share.
Share the devices, share the connections, share the Christmas.


Believe it or not, most wonderful time of the year is possible because of IIoT. You see that streets are bright and shining and you start a search for solution provider – you or your family desperately wants to have the best Christmas decoration in the neighborhood. Of course, this isn’t the most important part of the holiday but for you, it would be great if you can make your family happier with more lights. It is similar in the industrial world. The more effective solution providers the more maximized overall costs.
Sometimes is not necessary to do extraordinary things like to wrap up all the Christmas trees around your house. Sometimes you just need an extraordinary result – you make the neighborhood bright so simple – you remotely control colors of the lights on the Christmas trees.


Have you already ordered presents online? What about the automation system that helps your order to be delivered on time? Yes, that’s right. Everything is easier with just a click of the mouse. But what’s under the tree? More smart devices, more creative presents, more gifts that make life easier. Innovative tools mean more interesting presents for everyone – even for those who stopped believing in Santa a long time ago.

Satisfaction and user experience

Technology is a game changer. At Christmas time IIoT shows all the potential it has to reshape our future. All customers want easier and quicker process. But factories need more balanced workload. Cost-effective and sustainable solutions promise user experience. More resources (because of automation) is the premise of more income. Automation of the business is helping everyone (workers and customers) to have more free time. Those who have more free time are the luckiest people on the planet.

We thank IIoT for making our Christmas possible – again.
Let’s hope for more smart Christmas time but with our loved ones.
Happy Holidays from Kymera Systems – the organization for proven, scalable and innovative IIoT solutions.