Java is the most universal programming language, which has certainly taken first situations in quite a while for a long time. Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world and is designed to keep running on any stage consistently. As we all know Java is platform independent. Cynics all throughout the planet challenge the capacity of Java to hold its prevalence, yet what we may say for Java’s defense is – old does not really mean old-fashioned.

Here are some solid reasons that explain why Java will not retire soon and is the most popular: 

Why Java is the Base for Android Platform?

Why Java is the Base for Android Platform

Java is considered the most excellent programming language for Android application development. The Android innovation is presently the number one versatile stage, and it depends on applications with the foundation fueled by Java. As indicated by The Verge, Android has practically 82% of the worldwide cell phone piece of the pie, which implies that Android gadgets need Java to stay in business. Java is a focal point in versatile application improvement because of the degree of a piece of the overall industry.

Global Popularity of Java

Global Popularity of Java

As we following to TIOBE Index, Java has been the number one or second most demanding language in the world. Since its build in the mid-’90s, many of the biggest companies in the world using Java to build their web systems, desktop applications, and cloud technology development.

Portability: Java can run on nearly every system using Platform- agnostic Java Virtual Machine (JVM). As we can see in the world, most android applications are built in Java.

Scalability: Java is the best build for scalability, which is the most popular among enterprises and scaling start-ups, as an example: Twitter was a move from Ruby to Java for Scaling purposes. Java is also backward compatible, which means if one version is come up, but we can still run the old version. So, this big support for businesses.

Java Can Evolve

Java language is not simply simple to adapt yet also simple to utilize, compose, aggregate, and troubleshoot. Java can uphold a few dialects (i.e., Scala and Clojure) across its foundation. Java can flaunt its adaptability which is the critical factor for its pattern setting development, and it has advanced into an incredible programming language while offering direct help for distributed computing simultaneously. Java has hundreds or thousands of systems, libraries, and different apparatuses that assist designers with taking care of issues

Working with the Internet of Things 

Working with the Internet of Things

Now a day, we hear a lot about the Internet of Things. Internet of Things is everywhere, from industrial purposes to digital devices like Industries range from manufacturing management system with the use of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). IoT is most useful in our daily lives such as, in homes, schools, stores, etc. Some machines are java based, they are using software to track inventory, temperature, humidity & location.

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Java is Dominant in Reliability, Performance, and Speed

Java is an open-source programming language. There is a successful community with millions of Java developers around the world. Java is run on different gadgets, converting into a wide assortment of Industries utilizing Java. Present-day Internet clients have little persistence as they anticipate moment results, ongoing data, and pertinence. For instance, Twitter relocated to the JVM framework (from Ruby on Rails) which made it conceivable to help the transmission of a tremendous number of tweets each day. As indicated by Hootsuite, there are 330 million month to month dynamic clients on Twitter who post around 500 million Tweets each day. JVM (Java Virtual Machine) programming permits Java to stay the quickest execution/language mixes accessible.

Our Digital World is Sustained and Supplied by Java

Our Digital World is Sustained and Supplied by Java

As one of the most popular and widely used programming languages and platforms, Java stays at the center of attention our digital lifestyle. It is utilized for opening development, giving a framework to the best applications, investigating human-to-computerized interfaces, and dispatching vocations. Java is more versatile and available than some other stage due to its consistent stockpile of open source and business libraries. Where others cannot provide cross-platform portability for compiled libraries, Because of its compactness, Java can work reliably across different PC models – from very good quality workers to smartphones.

Java Owns Industry Support

Java Owns Industry Support

Java is supported by the biggest tech unicorns and organizations such as Google, IBM, Oracle, Spotify, and Facebook. Java is also significant support by media companies, state, federal government & banks, etc. There could be no other stage/language that has such colossal industry support.

Why Java is Worth Learning

Java is yet an important programming language that does not indicate declining in notoriety and, hence, merits learning. Most engineers get it as their first programming language since it is sensibly simple to learn. Java could be learned in a short time and used to built suitable applications. Java is part of a family of languages that are very influenced by C++, C#, so learning Java offers vast benefits when learning these other languages.