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SCADA Systems Still Hopelessly Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

Control system cyber attacks in industrial facilities have become more destructive and dangerous. Besides the possibility of causing environmental damage, poor quality and loss production, and safety risks, the intrusions in Industrial Control Systems (ICS)/Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) could represent a severe threat to human life and safety in the most extreme case. This [...]

Three Industries Ready for IoT in 2018

IoT technologies are all around us. From mobile phones and tablets to all sorts of house appliances and vehicle tracking technologies, to automating building systems, and everything in between, IoT is slowly but surely finding its way in most aspects of your work and personal lives. With over 20 billion IoT devices being expected to exist in the world [...]

The Importance of Education in IIoT Cybersecurity

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is rapidly transforming the way manufacturing and other industries are conducting their business. These innovative technologies brought forth by IIoT allow companies to collect and share data in more precise and flexible ways. They can combine both data analytics and M2M communication, as well as data acquisition software to transform [...]

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