Kymera Cube SNMP Driver


SNMP Module Image

The Kymera SNMP Driver retrieves data from SNMP V1, V2c and V3 agents making it available via OPC so that Ignition and other OPC-UA compliant systems can monitor network health and computer statistics. In addition to standard SNMP functionality, V1 Traps and V2c Notifications can be handled within customizable scripts within Ignition.

$2,500 USD ($1,800 – 50 devices, $1,200 – 25 devices)

  • 1.11.26 – Ignition 8.1.26 to Current
  • 1.11.7 – Ignition 8.1.7 to 8.1.25
  • 1.11.0 – Ignition 8.1.0 to 8.1.6

For earlier releases please check the Archive.


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• Unlimited tags and clients, one price

• Powered by SQL databases

• Unlimited tags and clients, one price

• Powered by SQL databases